Top 10 Best EDM Songs with Vocals

EDM genre has revolutionized the whole music industry and the sudden rise of this genre in the late 90’s urged many aspiring musicians to take up the genre for living. EDM is played in clubs all around the world and also at place where you need to

Top 10 Best Vocal Artists of EDM Dance Music

EDM Music has surged in the industry in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. It is hard to pinpoint the forefathers of EDM but legends like DJ Tiesto among the others have contributed largely to the genre. EDM is an eccentric genre of music where people just

Top 10 Best Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Tea is consumed in almost every part of the world and it is certainly one of the most popular beverages that are consumed throughout the planet. There are several types of tea available in the market based on the aroma, the fragrance and other attributes. One of

Top 10 Most Traffic Ridden Cities in the World

There was a time when Sound of Music ruled the world but now it is the sound of honk that is gulping all the attention. Honking, pollution fumes, cars, traffic; these are all the terms that a person feels like shying from. The traffic congestion is a

Top 10 Cutest Cat Breeds in the World

Cats are the most playful creatures on the planet and this attribute also makes them exceedingly cute. They are cheeky, can sleep for 12 hours in a day and hate to take the bath. These are some traits that you often find in your children and it

Top 10 Best Tips to Gel with Your Neighbor

You must have seen the movie “the girl next door” and a lot of other movies that are based on the relationships with neighbors. It is very important to gel with your neighbors considering that there is an acute value of community life these days. If you

Top 10 Most Popular Countries with Monarchical Government

To many people, democracy is the best form of governance but in some countries, the ideas about democracy differ. The fundamental rules of democracy can backfire at times pertaining to the lack of education on part of the people ruling the country, as is the case in

Top 10 Best Slip Fielders of all Time

The slip cordon of the cricket field is of utmost importance, especially when the bowler is tantalizing the batsmen with the movement off the pitch and the batsman is edging more often than not. The sharpness required from the slip fielder’s end is phenomenal. You have to

Top 10 Leading Wicket Takers in T20 Cricket

It has been a debatable subject if bowlers can play a part in a T20 cricket match. Most experts believe that T20 is all about power hitting and bowlers have no chance of mercy in the game. However, some clever bowlers have proved the stereotype wrong and

Top 10 Leading Run Makers in T20 Cricket

Cricket has always been on the evolving edge as the Test cricket gradually evolved into ODI cricket and ODI cricket into the T20 cricket. The game of cricket has always remained to be a fascinating display of power, team work and skills. However, T20 game is more